Ohashi.US Domain Name Resource

Ohashi.US Domain Name Resource

Web Hosting Reviews

2019-09-01 00:00:00

I should have announced this years ago, but I launched Review Signal - Honest Web Hosting Reviews. It uses data from Twitter to figure out what people think about different web hosting companies. I also annually publish WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2019 Edition) which is the most comprehensive testing of WordPress hosting providers.
The Domainer's Directory

2007-06-24 19:52:51

So I got sick of hunting for links and tracking them down each time I remembered one and needed to use it. So after countless hours of hunting and compilation I present to you... DN List - The Domainer's Directory. It has over 300 links already mostly related to domain names and topics around it. The graphics area needs a lot of work still (graphics is my least strong area as looking at this page would tell you). Feel free to submit links. I want to remain unbias but also do not want dupe content, another 'whois' tool offering nothing unique may not make the cut. Make sure the tool(s) are good and they will surely be listed!

-Kevin Ohashi
Domain Appraisal

2007-06-02 18:06:51

Today I am releasing a beta of my appraisal software. The software was based off some research I did about trying to find an algorithm to determine domain name values. I am still unsure as to how and how much of my research I will publish but I wrote a tool to apply the results to domain names.

Ohashi Domain Appraisal

Forgive me for not creating a better interface and corresponding layout but some recent events, the overture tool will no longer update, I decided to release this ahead of schedule.

Some details about the algorithm, it takes a lot of common metrics (obviously overture among others) and uses the statistical coefficients from my research which correspond to a dollar value. The sample size was n=955. This is a relatively small sample size and a very biased one because they all came from one source and were within a certain range/extension. This is NOT a magic ball to appraise domain value, it is a statistical attempt to guess what it might be. The algorithm can explain about 48% of the value, meaning 52% of the variation in pricing is unexplained (this means there are a lot more factors that the algorithm does NOT evaluate... and cannot in many cases).

Guidelines for best results:
  1. .com ONLY (the asmple was mainly .coms, but it will evaluate anything)
  2. Undeveloped (developed sites inflate metrics HEAVILY)
  3. Valuable domain (I know this is hard to gauge, but it works better on names REALLY worth a lot ($10,000+)

In other news, I really hope to get to work a lot on some new content, scripts and such this summer for this site and my other development properties. I was hoping to get Website Development.US off the ground but I just don't have the time to populate it with articles. I am perhaps thinking of turning it into a forum instead to discuss strategies and tools for making good, profitable websites from strong domain names. If anyone is interested in talking about this more please feel free to contact me.

-Kevin Ohashi
What is New?

2007-03-16 19:13:01

I haven't updated in a while. Things have been a bit busy lately. However, Ohashi.US is finally at a 'complete' stage. The last part of the website, the Whois, section is finally finished.

The new Whois tool is not just a standard whois tool but a very powerful domain research tool. This is NOT designed for looking up availability (though it will perform that task) but more for researching your own domain names or those you are interested in. It looks up data on Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking, link popularity, overture score, DMOZ/Yahoo Directory Listings, Wikipedia References, Archive.org Records, Availability in major gTLDs/ccTLDs and more.

One final note is my newest site went live recently called Name Utilities. It is designed to provide you access to the most useful tools for doing domain name research as well as providing the latest in domain news to keep you informed whille you research.

-Kevin Ohashi
Data Services and Research

2007-01-30 14:27:15

In my continual quest to upgrade Ohashi.US as the premier domain name information and research site I have added a new section, Data & Research. This is where useful data and research will be published in the future regarding domain names.

Currently there are two pages up with information on 3 and 4 letter domain name combinations. Each is available through the webpage or downloadable as a text file (zipped).

If you have requests for data to be generated or ideas for what you would like to see in that section feel free to contact me with your ideas/requests.

-Kevin Ohashi
Domain Cleaner Update

2007-01-20 13:11:34

Updated the Domain Name Cleaner to allow .mobi and .eu extensions. Any other requests please Contact me and I will see if I can accomodate.

-Kevin Ohashi
Happy New year

2007-01-06 13:44:35

With a new year, Ohashi.US is taking on a new face (yet another new design). Also, I have added a Registrar Review Database. This database contains detailed information about a multitude of registrars and their offerings. It also integrates into a review/rating system. So please take a moment and cast a vote for your registrars and perhaps even write a review!

-Kevin Ohashi
Typo Generator Gone Public

2006-12-11 02:17:16

Today I have made my full typo generator public. It is the most comprehensive generator for domain names available. Enjoy.

-Kevin Ohashi
Domain Cleaner Restored

2006-12-07 23:13:38

The domain cleaner is back online! Clean your domains from HTML/CODE/etc and anything else. Enjoy :)
-Kevin Ohashi

Domain Cleaner
Maintainance Complete (almost)

2006-12-07 12:51:38

There were some lasting security holes in other parts of this website, much of it is still locked down and being fixed. Right now Domain Tutorials are back online along with most of this website (excluding domani cleaner which needs a complete re-write to work properly again and can be expected within a week hopefully).

-Kevin Ohashi
Complete Redesign

2006-10-28 22:23:38

I am back. The site is back. I finally got rid of that trashy phpnuke software which was bug ridden and insecure and caused me so much trouble over the past few years. Hopefully this new design and layout is easier for all and more secure.

-Kevin Ohashi

2006-08-21 14:54:49

I just moved all my domains to a new program called iMonetize. It is a pretty standard PPC setup, it attempts to optimize to a variety of PPC providers (Google, Yahoo, DomainSponsor, Sedo, etc). But the coolest feature is the Alerts and Portfolio system. Even if you're not parking there this monitors your domains and lets you know when things change. It's also got a very comprehensive stats page about your domains (Portfolio Dashboard).

In one easy click on the Dashboard I can see a list of all nameservers, status (active/lock/hold/etc), ip addresses, registrars, how many domains are expiring on what month and more.

While I make no claims as to it's PPC performance or what you'll get, it certainly has some AWSOME portfolio tools online. I haven't seen anything this helpful (and FREE!) in a long time. I highly recommend signing up just to monitor your portfolio.


-Kevin Ohashi
New Scam Email

2005-02-08 08:50:47

WARNING : INDRegistry.com


From: "International Domain Name Registry (IDNR)"


Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 00:56:05 -0800

International Domain Name Registry (IDNR) has received an application
for registration of the domain .biz by a third party, that
is almost identical to your domain name .net.
International Domain Name Registry was founded for registration,
control and monitoring of domain names and trade marks that include
copyright control, fair business regulations, legitimate usage and
activity, dispute and claim consideration of property breach of the
domain for transfer to the court.

Registration of the domain name similar to your own can be done for
the reasons mentioned below:

1. The third party wants to use the domain name for any purposes,
including business, distinct from your business activity.
2. The third party wants to register the domain name for creation of
a business similar to yours.
3. The third party (that, probably, before registration of a domain
name was your competitor also) wants to disrupt the business of a
competitor, or intentionally attempt to lure the customers of
another business by creating a confusingly similar Web address.

Consequently, it is our opinion that this application may have been
submitted in bad faith.

You are required to submit to us your opposition to the third party
domain name registration contemplated herein and expressly advise us
of your intent to license this domain name (go to www.indregistry.com,
choose 'register a domain' then 'block the application of the third
party') prior to the expiration of this notice (which is one working
day after it is sent) or licensing rights to the domain name would be
assigned to any applicant. In this case IDNR WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR
Also IDNR further will not consider your complaint to infringement
of your rights for

Thank you.

Looks to be the latest scam for domain registrations. The domain removed is generic in nature. Appears to be just another template email, this INDRegistry.com was only registered in dec 23, 2004. This is just a warning to be on the lookout for this. Is there any real threat? I don't get threatened by someone register .biz domains of my .com/.net domains. Would only help sell what I have and raise their value if development/work is put into them. If there are really TM issues going on, UDRP is always there.

Further research shows the address they have listed on the about page is a hotel and their phone number is listed.

I called this number, which was a hotel not a domain company, and alerted the hotel of INDRegistry using their contact information as a business location.

Now, if there was ANY doubt this was a scam, it should be gone.


IDRregistry was founded in 1998 for registration, control and monitoring of domain names and trade marks that includes copyright control, fair business regulations, legitimate usage and activity, dispute and claim consideration of property breach for domain for following transfer to the court.

International domain name registry (IDNR) launched this consumer information site (INDREGISTRY.COM) for the benefit of persons and companies that wish to know who has applied for a domain name or trademarK similar to their own.

230 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 Box 2413
Customer Service Line: +1-212-247-5000
Hours: 9:00am - 6:30pm Monday to Friday
All messages will be returned within 12 hours.
Or respond by Toll Free Fax: +1-212-247-5120

Our email is info@idnregistry.com

$7.77 Domain Name Registration

2004-11-19 20:24:03

I have finally worked with dotster to offer people competitive pricing for domain names through dotster. DirectReg.com, my dotster reseller, is giong to offer domain registrations for $7.77. That is nearly half the normal $14.95 charged by dotster. Great thing about these accounts is that they can transfer domains between resellers and regular dotster accounts. If you like dotster and want cheaper fees, try signing up for an account with me at DirectReg.com. I am also still offering Enom Retail and Reseller Accounts at 895.org.

-Kevin Ohashi
New Tutorials coming..

2004-11-16 06:16:28

I will be working on some more tutorials soon, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I am contactable on the forum here or at WebHostingTalk or DomainState. My username is kohashi at both.
no updates lately

2004-10-05 21:34:33

Well, Ive been busy lately and haven't come up with anything new. But for those interested in the domain name industry in general, things to consider:

:SnapNames partners with NetSol to catch all their drops
:Tucows offers resellers money for their expired domain names being sold
:Real-Time Updates for com/net finally!

Those are the real big news events that I can think of lately. If you have any software ideas please feel free to contact me and we can discuss their possibility. Have any FAQ/Tutorial ideas? Also let me know, I am always happy to work with others.

-Kevin Ohashi
Overture Update

2004-07-11 19:20:38

Overture has updated for June's searches.

-Kevin Ohashi
VeriSign speeds up DNS

2004-07-11 19:12:21

Verisign has finally caught on and sped up the DNS to update every 5 minutes. SlashDot Article Here. Verisign's page on 'Rapid Update' to the DNS

-Kevin Ohashi
Overture Updated (may)

2004-06-10 03:37:36

If you have been dying for the last update, check Overture and see how your domains are doing, or that domain you really want that is expiring soon is doing.

Kevin Ohashi
Drop Statistics

2004-06-03 12:55:53

I decided it would be interesting to compile statistics on who were winning what domains. I went through and checked which drop catching service won the domain and which company/person won. There are statistics for individual domains and total statistics.
May 19 - May 22 2004
May 23 - May 26 2004
May 27 - May 29 2004
May 30 - May 31 2004

-Kevin Ohashi
Website Update

2004-05-22 07:50:08

Ohashi.US has recently updated the script that runs it. The main page no longer redirects to ohashi.us/nuke but loads right on the main page. So please update any bookmarks you may have.

-Kevin Ohashi
AOL Instant Messenger Woes (AIM ADS)

2004-05-13 09:15:45

AOL (AIM) has started putting advertisements for the Wall Street Journal inside MY Instant Message conversations. This is ridiculous and it bugs the hell out of me. Someone needs to tell AOL to shove it.
AIM putting ads (advertisements) in MY instant message conversations
-Kevin Ohashi
Defaced Recently

2004-05-10 06:13:34

Ohashi.US was defaced recently, we were NOT hacked. There was no root access, these people just used exploits in this script to post their lame political message which nobody really cares about.

-Kevin Ohashi
Domain Name Quote of the Year

2004-05-01 02:33:43

"<Beeth> Girls are like internet domain names, the ones I like are already taken.
<honx> well, you can stil get one from a strange country :-P

Priceless domain fact from http://bash.org/?369

-Kevin Ohashi
New Domain

2004-04-17 22:20:51

I bought a new domain for the tutorials section of Ohashi.US. The new domain is DNTutorials.com. For those of you who don't understand what 'DN' is, it stands for Domain Names.

-Kevin Ohashi
Enom Step by Step Guide by HonestMan

2004-04-16 21:09:35

Today I added the Step by Step Guide written by HonestMan from WebHostingTalk.com. It is about the most comprehensive guide to enom I have come across. Enjoy!

-Kevin Ohashi
Overture Update (March 2004)

2004-04-11 04:31:31

Overture has updated their march search statistics for anyone interested.

-Kevin Ohashi
Google AdSense Ad Tester

2004-03-29 07:36:54

Ever wonder what Advertisements will display on what pages with AdSense? Find out now using the Google AdSense Ad Tester which is also available on the bottom left along with other types of queries and searches.

Kevin Ohashi
New Sections -- Lists and Statistics

2004-03-28 00:45:09

On the forum I have added two new sections which I will be adding data to. Statistics is mainly queries I run against various databases. Lists is for different lists of domains: available, 3 letter, 2 letter, expiring, etc. Anyone can post in the lists forum.

Statistics Forum | Lists Forum

Kevin Ohashi
Dotster Transferring Domain Names Tutorial

2004-03-21 06:20:46

How to Transfer a Domain Name Between Accounts at Dotster

This is the latest tutorial at tutorials.ohashi.us, please feel free to link it and refer people in need of help.

-Kevin Ohashi
Two New Tutorials

2004-03-08 08:56:55

I have finally started working on the webhosting section of this website. The first significant piece of work I have done is a tutorial on Finding a Web Hosting Company that Suits you. This details some general steps that should be taken before purchasing web hosting from any company. It is filled with tips from an experienced web hosting buyer. It is designed to help you minimize the risk in choosing a webhost.
The second tutorial is a simple tutorial on how to view the HTML of a webpage through a raw socket connection to a server.

-Kevin Ohashi
Active ForSale site

2004-03-01 17:52:33

I found a live version of ForSale today and it made me smile that at least someone is getting used out of the script. http://34c.biz/ is the website running it with a few custom mods, it looks very nice I have to say!

-Kevin Ohashi
Imposed.Net Domain List Service

2004-02-24 20:33:01

I was given the priviledge to test a new system over at Imposed.net and it is pretty cool. It has an innovative system to generate domains and checks their availability. It also provides google results (can be sorted by google result). I hear there will be more upgrades... possibly Overture stats. If you are interesting in registering nice names without having to pay tons for the drop, I suggest hopping over and taking a look.

-Kevin Ohashi
Redirector.php Released - Traffic Redirector

2004-02-14 23:18:25

Redirector.php is designed to help forward traffic efficiently. It is optimized for DomainSponsor type websites. It redirects to url.com/?domain=eachdomainhere.com.

Download Redirector.php

-Kevin Ohashi
Club Drop Becomes FREE

2004-02-11 09:46:52

Enom Club Drop is now free (down from $99/month fee). This service is to catch expiring domain names. This service is only available to enom resellers(get a free enom reseller account here).

-Kevin Ohashi
Link Popularity Checker Added

2004-02-07 21:09:21

A link-popularity checker has been added to Ohashi.us. It is located on the left side under Domain and Hosting Tools. This can help you determine how many incoming links your website has and how well is ranks compared to other websites.

-Kevin Ohashi
Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

2004-02-02 08:27:16

Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

This new database is not complete, but it covers a lot of commonly asked questions. I am also looking for any questions (and answers if you have them) you might want to add. Please post them in the forum.

-Kevin Ohashi
Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions Database

2004-01-23 21:09:43

I am compiling a FAQ of the most common domain name related questions. I am asking that anyone interested in contributing please visit this thread and critique what is already there, or post their own questions and answers to be added to the FAQ.

-Kevin Ohashi
Ohashi.US Tutorials Online

2004-01-16 22:19:35

Tutorials have been written and are slowly being indexed on the new tutorial section. Please feel free to visit this section or contribute your own tutorials on the forum (must be registered).

The first tutorial is on how to change/create Godaddy nameservers.

Kevin Ohashi

Trying to please the reader...

2004-01-15 16:23:31

The latest poll concerns what Ohashi.US viewers/readers want more of. I am very interested in trying to please everyone who comes and visits my favorite website on the internet. So please let me know by voting in this poll and offer suggestions at http://talk.ohashi.us (forum).

-Kevin Ohashi
New Forum Online

2004-01-14 09:47:31

The new forum is finally complete. I have re-skinned it to look nicer and it is a better script running it now. Please visit Ohashi.us/talk or http://talk.ohashi.us and come chat about domain names, webhosting and whatever is on your mind.
Every so often there is a great movie...

2004-01-12 16:29:48

The Godfather
The Matrix...
And that is where this story begins The Matrix: Ping Pong Style.

I hope you enjoy it :) Sorry that this has no relevance to Domains or Web Hosting... but nonetheless it is worthwhile.

-Kevin Ohashi
Fabulous PPC Link

2004-01-03 21:43:46

Fabulous PPC Link
People keep asking for this. You need to signup here to use Fabulous' Pay-Per-Click powered by Roar.com. You can get paid via paypal and check or direct deposit to your fabulous account. Great interface and very powerful. Too bad I haven't earned a cent yet. I guess that would require putting some good domains on it.
Free New SubDomain Service

2003-11-27 06:50:06

I have today released the first beta of DemiGod.net. DemiGod.net provides a free subdomain service for anyone. Create your own unique domain today! Great names such as soccer.demigod.net or pictures.demigod.net are all available.

Also, more domains will be available soon such as: Trippie.com, GameFast.com and more!

Domain Name Cleaner Online

2003-11-22 05:11:53

Since I, and many others of you, have such a hard time cleaning lists that come in different formats, I decided to put up "Domain Cleaner."

Domain Cleaner rips apart ugly lists with different formats and all sorts of junk around your valuable domain names. It can strip down even the toughest code - even HTML will be stripped!
Nice Free cPanel Hosting Offer

2003-11-11 17:33:53

Maximum Host has started a great promotion to launch free cPanel hosting for anyone! If you are interested please visit maximumhost now and get your free account.
New Domain Brokerage

2003-10-31 06:36:47

Just a link to a new domain brokerage that has begun. Domain Trading Pit. I started my own little page kohashi.domaintradingpit.com. The service is free, easy to use and charges no commissions. So what have you got to lose?
A Basic Guide to Becoming a Domain Name Reseller

2003-10-18 13:34:01

I have written a short (well relatively short) articles describing how people new to the domain industry should approach buying and selling domains... as well as everything in between. I thought it was time to share my experiences with everyone out there and give a little something back to the community. I hope you like it.

Click to view.
Whois.SC Lookup Added

2003-10-18 05:04:24

You can now lookup domains using Whois.SC's robust database and tools. The lookup box is located in the lower left side of the menus. Just enter a domain name and lookup. You get redirected to it shortly after. A working sample is displayed below:

-Kevin Ohashi
NetSol is NetSold

2003-10-16 09:48:57

Network Solutions is finally sold off. Some breaking news for you domainers!
Traffic Optimizer Released

2003-10-11 04:03:51

Traffic Optimizer is HERE!

Today I finally got my act together and released traffic optimizer. It is not as easy to install as I would like. More will come later, but I thought I might as well release it and let you more advanced people get it setup and running. I would appriciate any feedback. Please feel free to post on the forum.

-Kevin Ohashi

View Demo of Traffic Optimizer in Action!

Download Traffic Optimizer
New layout

2003-10-09 05:06:27

After many complaints (you whiners!) about the blue/black combo I just changed the theme. If you cannot read it now... tough luck. :) Hope you can read everything better now.

-Kevin Ohashi
Updates and News

2003-10-06 08:57:55

The new script I have been developing will be delayed a few days, possibly longer. My webhost ran off and left me in the dust with all the work I had done. So I have to redesign a lot of the database stuff. Oh well....

I re-released a lot of scripts I developed a while back, mostly around January 2003. A set of counter scripts written in PHP/Perl; also some useful server utilities written in perl and even more useless junk like a pascal program demonstrating Caesar's Cipher. It can all be found under Tools Database-->Software.
-Kevin Ohashi

Professional Typo Generation of Domain Names

2003-10-04 04:26:01

Professional Typo Generation of Domain Names is a new service I am offering. It utilizes an enhanced version of typogen and is much faster. No hard manual typing in of domain names into a dos console. This is a great alternative if you have hundreds/thousands of domains you wanted to have typos generated for. -Kevin Ohashi
Upcoming Release -- Traffic Optimizer

2003-09-30 10:24:17

I have recently designed a system to add a framed page with completely customizable content. It will look similar to http://www.tbo.org. You can control where the main frame goes on EACH domain as well as where the saleframe goes on each domain (a salescript is included for those who want).
-Sale Text
are all customizable!

-Password protected admin area (uses cookies)
-Add/Delete/Edit functions for all domains.

I hope to release this script within a week fully completed, maybe even try and create an installer script.

Kevin Ohashi
Free - Two Letter and Three Letter domains with overture scores

2003-09-25 08:53:03

I was playing around today and decided to query overture for every domain with OV that was 2-3 letter and .com. The list can be found here. Feel free to use this list for whatever you can think of, if you like it, feel free to link ohashi.us :) It would be much appriciated.

DNList Released

2003-08-24 05:42:47

DNList is a more powerful version of DNCompare. It can keep or discard keywords now. It helps you filter your lists even more precisely.
Download DNList
Typo Generator 1.0 Released

2003-08-24 05:30:59

Typo Generator is designed to find common typos of domain names based on common keyboard mistakes. It is very easy and useful for those desiring to earn income of typo domain names.

Download Typo Generator
ForSale (beta)

2003-06-05 09:30:24

download ForSale(beta)

ForSale is a PHP script designed to help you sell your domains by creating dynamically generating pages for each domain from a single script. It comes with an easy to use interface.

Upcoming Software Releases

2003-06-03 11:54:46

I am currently working on a few projects. The two closest to completion are DNList and ForSale. I will give a brief overview of each one. Please post comments/criticisms/suggestions here or on the forum.

DNList Programmed in C++, DNList is DNCompare but more powerful. It will offer two solutions to parsing your lists. You will be able to filter in or out the specified keywords. Just a small enhancement to DNCompare, but I will add more features all under the DNList name.

ForSale Programmed in PHP (and soon a MySql backend for administrative purposes), ForSale will dynamically generate sale pages. All that is required is that all the domains link to a specific domain name. Once pointed properly ForSale will generate the "for sale" page and create a form for any interested user to submit an offer with. A live example can be viewed at www.afroman.biz/. I will soon be adding a database to load your domains and customized messages for each domain.

-Kevin Ohashi
Domain Name Compare 2

2003-06-01 00:05:04

I have written a program called DNCompare. It takes a list of domains and compares them to keywords and filters all the results into found.txt. So if you are after car names this is how it would work:
raw.txt-->filled with your list
mylist.txt -->put car, auto, mobile, tank, truck, race, racing, speedway, fast, etc. (1 word per line)
Run DNCompare2.exe
After completion found.txt will have all the domains with those keywords in it. So you might find: speedingauto.com, thetruck.net, gastank.info, ILoveRacing.biz, etc...

Download DNCompare 2
Free eNom $8.14 Retail and $8.95 Resellers

2003-05-31 23:55:58

Apply Here
Compiling Domains database (tools)

2003-05-31 09:49:44

Today I have worked on compiling over 50 links for the Domains section of this site. They can be found by click Tools on the sidebar. Please add links that you know of to the catagories there. The goal of this site is to become the most comprehensive resource for domain name and hosting information; but I am concentrating on Domains now. -Kevin Ohashi